Monday, February 28, 2011

Did the Oscars go to the deserving nominees? (Oscars 2011)

The Oscars this year went to the most deserving contenders thus it undeniably became one of the most boring Oscars in recent memory. And… I meant “Boring” in a very sincere way. Neither surprises nor stunts were pulled and everyone went home happy.  I was very glad to see nine out of ten awards predictions I made except for the cinematography category were accurate but that just simply means how easy it was to predict the eventual winners from the list of 10 brilliant films of 2010. The two hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway kept it simple and enjoyable which in my opinion was a good move as they are merely actors and definitely NOT the supposed-to-be funny comedians like the previous Oscars hosts. They relied pretty much on their charms, good looks and in Hathaway’s case, various glittery designer frocks. I however can already feel the hating from the critics and fans alike who weren't thrilled by their somewhat lackluster performance as hosts. I guess a lot of people expected a lot from them and I don’t think they delivered. They both looked very cute together though.

Melissa leo’s F-word bomb in her winning speech should land her in the front page news for the weeks to come as it probably was the most exciting yet inappropriate thing that happened at the Oscars this year. She deservingly won her first Oscar despite the back lash from her much publicized self-promotion scandal.  Personally, I applaud her for recognizing her own talent, preventing the chances of getting her work overlooked and most importantly taking the steps necessary to secure what she felt she deserved.  Let’s just not be hypocrites here. It’s Hollywood.  Narcissism is a well-known ingredient and any types of promotion including self- made ones are considered perfectly fine. What’s with all the fuss?  
It was delightful to see “The King’s Speech” become the best film of 2010 as it absolutely should be.  I like “The social network” but we’ll be remembering the brilliance of “The King’s Speech” in twenty years time.  It is indeed in the same league of old Hollywood classics such as “The Last Emperor (1987)”, “Schindler’s List (1993)” and “Braveheart  (1998)”.  The very famous, “Inception” took home some awards too but mostly in technical categories which I thought was fair. Both Best Actor winner (Colin Firth) and Best Actress winner (Natalie Portman) gave great speeches especially the one by Firth reminded us of why we JUST can’t get enough of The Brits in cinema. What a suave and classy man he is!
In short, the Oscars this year was a great finish for 2010, the year of great films and lawfully the right people were celebrated and honored for their great work.  Well done!


Christine said...

Agree in principal with most of what you say... a little lacklustre in my opinion this year (although grateful for no real cringeworthy moments from wannabe comedians, as you alluded to)... One thing I don't agree with though, Mr CTTO, is that Braveheart is a 'Classic'.... I mean, really... surely you could've mentioned others?! ;-)

Lovin' the overall blog though hun, xxx


Cecile said...

Darling, I agree with almost all of your comments, and especially about how the Brit Colin Firth is so delicious. But Braveheart? Not a favorite of mine. Love your posts!

Charlie T.T.O said...

well... Braveheart is a good movie and it won five Oscars including Best Picture. People do remember it somehow. Personally, I also don't like it but it is considered a classic by many especially in the historical drama genre that won Oscar for Best picture in recent years. But anyway, Gibson is so hated right now and I wouldn't be surprised if Academy people ask him to give his Oscars back! :O) Thanks for checking my blog out, girls! Hugs,


Jerome said...

Hi Charlie,

Great piece