Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Social Network (film review)

“The Social network” is NOT the best movie of 2010 as critics are saying, but it is undeniably entertaining. The movie about the founding of a social website that changed the world and the way we live called “Facebook” is cohesive and fresh, thanks to the strong performances from young talents such as the brilliant Jesse Eisenberg (who knows nerds can be so cool?) as “Mark Zuckerberg”, Justin Timberlake who has successfully transformed himself from a pretty-boy singer to a credible actor and Andrew Garfield (soon to be seen in the new Spiderman movie and will no doubt become a major movie star). The director, David Fincher, has proven once again that he can weave a simple story into a visually striking cinematic triumph. Noted for his unique storytelling as seen in “The curious case of Benjamin Button” and “Fight Club”, the jumbled up sequences of the past and the present backed by the dark ambient music score and the quick-witted dialogues are perfectly in place. Particularly, the cinematography in The Henley Royal Regatta rowing scene on the river Thames is one of the most memorable scenes in films this year. Although some may argue about the relevance of that scene and its contribution to the script, it doesn’t matter as it is so innovative and breath taking. Obviously someone realized the need to give this dialogue-heavy facebook film a face lift and it works! It is definitely worth a watch based on the subject alone: HELLO??? It’s about Facebook

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