Friday, February 18, 2011

Britney Spears (Hold it against me) Single & Video Review

Britney Spears’s highly-anticipated music video to her newest number one single “Hold it against me” is finally out. Judging the way it looks, Britney is definitely back and I’m REALLY glad that she’s ready to kick some ass. However, I have some issues. First of all, the song, though catchy and fun, sounds like one of her unfinished tossed-aside, left over tracks that didn’t make the cut to her first album “Baby One More Time”….. FROM THE 90s!!!!!  Yes, I had to SAY it OUT LOUD because if critics and fans are saying this is fresh or the newest sound of Britney, they are SOOOOOOOOO lying. C’mon, there’s nothing inventive or fresh about this track. I’m not saying I expected her to start singing Jazz or play violin but this is sooooo “Been there, done that” even for Britney’s standard. Maybe she’s telling the world, she’s at last gone back to her old sane self, the old school Brit that we all fell in love with. (Well then, that’s good news!).  Second of all, this much-ballyhooed video is nothing to shout about in comparison to her earlier stuff. (“I’m a slave 4 U”, “Toxic”, “Lucky”, anyone??? They were fantastic!!!!) Unflattering choreography (Seriously, Britney, U can do better than that), cheap production (in the studio with SONY products, (possibly the main sponsor of the video!) and there is a bitch fight between the two Britneys towards the end too. And WHY???? What does that have to do with the lyrics “Cause you feel like paradise, And I need a vacation tonight, So if I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me? I JUST don’t get it.  The good thing about “Hold it against me” though is her vocals. The last time we heard her actually sing was… well… on her first two albums. After that, she just whispers, coos and talks through the songs. NOT on this one and for that, well done! I can’t wait to hear the new album “Femme Fatale” in entirety. Here's the video. Check it out!!!

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