Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"127 hours" (film review)

“127 hours” is the reason why we watch movies. Daring, original and inspiring indeed.  James Franco plays the real-life mountain climber Aron Ralston who during one of his adventure-filled trips in Utah fell into a narrow ravine and got trapped by a boulder for five days. The movie is about his remarkable survival tale. One wonders how a story about a man’s determination to live and his miraculous escape from this impossible- to-survive situation that spans 127 hours fighting against the odds can be made into a full-length Hollywood movie that is currently being nominated for six Oscars. Critics are mainly praising Franco’s brave performance but the best thing about this movie to me personally, is the stunning cinematography which ironically was not nominated for the Oscar. Interesting , no? Maybe we’ve just had too many visually attractive movies in 2010 and thus it’s tough for this movie to be one of the nominees in the category. Who knows?  But given the very limited opportunity for such a script–the “Slum dog millionaire” crew members including the director, Danny Boyle, the writer Simon Beaufoy, the cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle and the musician A.R Rahman (No “Jai ho” type of song but the poignant “If I rise” sung by Dido is a gem) for the film’s score have once again teamed up and successfully crafted a film that celebrates the human spirits and therefore will be remembered for the years to come. In particular, the first 15 minutes of the film including the brilliant opening credit scenes are FAST and FURIOUS: never had I felt that excited by a film. EVER! Then the things start to slow down and kind of drag in the middle, understandably to paint the picture of loneliness, fear, regrets and sorrow but finally comes the ending, THAT ENDING, moved me to tears. Alright…….. nuff’said!  If you are getting bored of usual Hollywood blockbuster craps and in need of something fresh- this is it! Although I must admit “127 hours” lacks the vibrant energy of “Slum dog”, (Here I am comparing an apple to an orange) it’s still one of the standouts this year.   

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