Saturday, February 5, 2011

Regine Velasquez "Fantasy" (album review)

The latest album from the Filipino diva, Regine Velasquez is a 2-Disc set called “Fantasy” featuring 12 original cuts on Disc 1 and 10 covers on Disc 2. Just like her 2008 platinum-selling effort “Low Key” (My most favorite album by Regine), “Fantasy” is heavy on the slow-tempo tracks and sweet ballads. Regine’s die-hard fans are more than satisfied as the diva spoils them with the set that includes many songs, good and “not so good”, 22 tracks in total which by today’s standard is considered a rarity. The best selling artist of all time in the Philippines, known in the region for her signature high-belted notes, tries to create big vocal moments with songs such as “What about love”, the over-dramatic “Been waiting” and Paul Davis cover “I go crazy” but she’s at her best when she sings sweet and tender in a soft whispery tone as heard on songs like “You don’t know” and “Falling in love at a coffee shop”, two of my favorites from this album. Regine, in my humble personal opinion, should drop this over-singing technique and focus more on interpreting the song’s lyrics. Less is definitely more and her ability to reach these powerful crazy notes sometimes does more damage than good to the songs. The perfect example of this here is “Papa, don’t preach” in which she unnecessarily slows down the song’s tempo and pours out constant screaming and wailing towards the end, trying way too hard to stray from the upbeat Madonna-original. The result is appalling. Yes, appalling is the word. However, not all her covers are bad, actually her covers of Eagle’s “Love will keep us alive” and America’s “Always” are quite decent and she successfully refrains herself from reaching to the top of her lungs on these numbers. There are some OPMs (original Pilipino music) as well. “Fairytale”, “Funny one” written for her husband Ogie Alcasid and “S.M.I.L.E” are all good but hearing a 41 year old woman singing  “you’re my Bieber fever, you’re my Ashton  Kutcher, I’m going Lady Ga Ga for you” on the track called “True Romance”  is, let’s face it, a bit embarrassing. “Fantasy” nevertheless will be on my iPod for the weeks to come as I’m one devoted fan.  And by the way, I love the cover art: (as you can see) Regine looks smoking hot!

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thank for doing this and for the support to our Queen Regine velasquez God Bless ;)