Monday, February 21, 2011

Jennifer Hudson's new song "Where you at" (Performance Review)

I can’t stop watching this live performance by Jennifer Hudson on Oprah. It’s her new song “Where you at” from her upcoming album “I remember me”. It’s about a lover who doesn’t live up to his promises. She sings

You said when the storm came 
That you would be there with your umbrella to block the rain 
And you said you'd protect me 
From heartache, pain, lies, loneliness, and misery 
You said you'd tear down the walls that were in my way 
You promised things would be okay 
And I stood there in the freezing cold 
And I waited for you, but you never showed 
Where you at? Oh, where you at? Oh,where you at? 

The thing I love about Jennifer Hudson is that she keeps getting better. From her bumpy start on American Idol to her Dreamgirls Oscar glory, she has never failed to astound us with her powerhouse performances, one after another. When she sings, especially live, you can tell she interprets the song’s lyrics with her heart. She even acts out the song at times which nowadays is very rare quality. In fact, it’s a quality you’d find in artists like Barbra Streisand or Shirley Bassey. I know it’s quite a high praise but hey… she deserves it. Check out some of her live performances at various tribute shows and events on Youtube. You will see what I mean.
Anyway, back to this performance, it’s indeed a tricky song to sing live, in particular the bridge part where she has to soar. She nevertheless did a flawless job. It's a great song that showcases her powerful voice to a maximum effect. I love the bit where she ad-libs “Deliver!!!!, Deliver!!!” Classic J-Hud moment, reminiscent of her “Dreamgirls” days. I don’t think this song will be a huge monster hit as it’s not a very radio-friendly tune like those from Kehsa, Rihanna and Katy Perry but it somehow gives a glimpse of what we can expect from her new album which drops on March 22. I can't wait!!!!

Jennifer Hudson's upcoming album "I remember me" cover art

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