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Kylie Minogue- Aphrodite World Tour (Jakarta Concert Review)

Kylie Minogue-Aphrodite Tour Opening Sequence

After nearly two hours on the plane, three hours spent stuck in the Jakarta’s legendary traffic and a mere three and a half more hours waiting at the venue, I finally got the chance to see Kylie Minogue rise out of the giant golden sea shell singing the song appropriately-titled “Aphrodite” with the spectacular Greek mythology-inspired back-drop. Kylie sang I'm fierce and I'm feeling mighty, I'm a golden girl, I'm an Aphrodite, alright?” The tired Jakarta crowd was astounded not only by the first sighting of the superstar whom they have been in love with since her loco-motion days in the 80s, also by the scantily-clad male dancers dressed up as beefy Roman soldiers. What a beautiful sight! My fatigue was gone and that was when I thought “The game is on! This is what I came here to witness: the visually-stunning extravaganza.” Kylie who recently has been celebrated as “The Goddess of love” went on to sing a few more songs including “The One”, “Wow” and “I Believe In You” in her Grecian-inspired outfit. The crowd responded with loud cheers and sheer joy.
Kylie performing with her hot male dancers

Then my favorite bit of the show came, “Cupid Boy”. During that performance, I, Carrie Bradshaw, couldn’t help but wonder how the heterosexual guys who were simply dragged into the show by force by their girlfriends or wives would think and feel about the whole gay pride thing happening on the stage. I mean, really, it was inevitable and it was coming from every angle at a rapid rate. Kylie as usual hit all the right spots and all of us boys (hence, THE ITALICS!!) of course, felt like home.  We were in heaven. No question about it!  No other diva (Not Madonna, Not even GaGa) has ever put on a show for us (ITALICS again!) in the way Kylie does. Kylie, to me, is THE biggest gay icon and the only one who lives up to this title. More power to you, Kylie!
Kylie on a unicorn

Since we were the very first few to arrive at the venue, we found ourselves a place very close to the stage. Seeing Kylie up-close was sort of like a spiritual experience. I could cry. I must have said “OMG, She’s beautiful” 45 times in 3 minutes. Indeed, she looked so gorgeous and her smile lit up the whole stadium.  She had us all singing in unison when she sang her hit “Spinning Around”.  Now that’s a hit everyone knows unlike the only-the-hard-core-fans-know songs she performed in the first segment.  (You’ve got Jakarta in your hands now, Kylie!)
One might wonder how can an already-super-sexy song like “Slow” could be made any sexier. Pas De Problème pour Kylie. She managed it just fine by spicing up the song with Cabaret/Jazz elements.  The Goddess looked enormously hot with the female dancers dancing in circle and fanning her with the feathers that were probably kept from her previous Showgirl tour. Talking about the power of feathers! It always works!

I was also very glad that she sang one of my favorite songs “Confide In Me”. (I always love doing that high “Meeeeeeee” note in my head voice. C’mon, don’t we all?)  However, the biggest surprise came when she performed her global hit “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”. The originally-electro pop song was given a rock edge and it of course brought the house down.  Kylie, looking triumphant, in her beautiful metallic Dolce & Gabbana gown got the entire stadium on their feet.  Everyone was going “la la la la la la la la la la “
Kylie performing "Looking For An Angel"

“Looking For An Angel” was the most theatrical segment and I personally think it was also the peak of the show. At the end of the song, an angel emerged and rose to the sky while the other two angels standing by. It was awe-inspiring indeed.  She went on to sing her classics “Love At First Sight” and “Can’t Beat The Feeling” before she toned down the show’s tempo with the performance of her ballad “If You Don’t Love Me”.  The song not only showcased her vocal range but also brought her closer to her fans. It was one touching moment.

Like as if that was not enough, she came out shortly after wearing a whole new outfit to deliver one of her old hits “Better The Devil You Know”.  Most of us, die-hard fans know the lyrics by heart and had a good old sing-along session with that performance.  We were totally having a moment. Subsequently, Kylie decked out in denim shorts and torn-tank top with an orangey furry jacket worn over asked the audience what they would like to hear her sing. Some of the queens in the front row requested “Put Your Hands On Your Heart” and we requested “Loco-motion”. She sang both songs acapella. I thought it was really cute of her to interact with the audience. What a sweetheart!

One of the tracks from her latest album “Aphrodite” called “Better Than Today” was performed next in addition to the acapellas. Then Kylie disappeared after singing “Put Your Hands Up( If You Feel The Love)” and the band intro. It was time for encore.  The crowd went quiet for a while feeling unsure what to say or do. That was when our group (a Brit, a German, an Austrian, a Mexican, an Ecuadorian, a Burmese and two Australians) started singing the chorus of “All The Lovers”.  We were so loud and of course the others had no choice but to join in as well. We were no doubt having the most fun at the concert. For some reason (or rather just as usual), Jakarta crowd was somewhat low-energy that night.  They were mostly sitting and peacefully watching. Undoubtedly, it wasn’t us.  We were there to party.  We wanted to dance and have fun.  Here, I am talking about group-jumping, hand-clapping, wild-dancing to screaming out words of adoration to Kylie even at times in Spanish (Well done, Carlos!). We were W.I.L.D!
Kylie performing "All The Lovers"

Obviously, Kylie was not going to wrap up the show without giving us a spectacular encore.  A few minutes later, she reappeared on stage in her 8th and final costume of the night with her glitter-robed dancers singing “On A Night Like This” from her “Light Years” album. I could feel the stadium come alive singing along the catchy chorus. Her voice sounded a bit tired by then and she opted for a lower note while singing the song’s climax. Nevertheless, it was a crowd-pleaser.  After that song, her oh-so-beautiful-to-look-at dancers took off their robes and took their positions on a wedding cake-like small stage in the center. They all looked naked as they were wearing skin-colored tights and bejeweled underwear. Kylie performed her soon-to-be classic “All The Lovers” as the finale. What can I say? It was sensational. Love was in the air. She filled up the stadium with so much love that it lifted us all. What a great way to end such a stellar concert!
If I were to go to heaven (NOT that I doubt I wouldn’t), I would absolutely want it to look like Kylie’s concert. I would imagine heaven with all the happy elements Kylie brings to her shows like the unicorns, rainbows, angels and feathers. I would also like heaven to have gorgeous muscular men who dance in tights and do acrobatics. Seriously though, even to say that her dancers were amazing would be an understatement. Her dancers not only possess eye-catching beauty but also boundless energy that kept the show electrifying all throughout.  Kylie’s live vocals were in top form. Although she is never known for her vocal abilities or technical singing skills, there were moments during the show where we went “Wow, girlfriend CAN sing!”  She always seems to know how to work her voice within its range. What I also love about Kylie is that she looks very much of a diva glamed up in sequined- gowns and six inched Louboutins yet she seems very approachable and sweet. I have been to so many concerts but this one will always have a special place in my heart. Not only it was worthy of money and time spent, it also made me want to send her flowers and invite her for tea.  Cheers to ALL THE LOVERS...

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