Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Again (DVD review)

You Again (2010)

High school is such a tough place to survive and “You again” has proven that it’s even more so for the girls.  Marni (Kristen Bell) was constantly bullied and ridiculed throughout her high school life by Joanna (Odette Yustman) who happens to be the soon-to-be-bride of her brother Will (James Wolk).  To cut the story short,  Marni’s mother Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Joanna’s aunt Ramona (Sigourney Weaver)also had the similar situation back in the day but the only difference here is that it is the other way around. Ramona who is now a powerful wealthy woman still somehow holds the grudge towards Marni’s mum. So they, with a twist of fate, find each other once again in the middle of the wedding preparation. Those high school memories are too painful to keep inside that these ladies within a few hours of meeting start clashing. That’s the story and how they come to resolve their conflicts is the ending.  Anyway, the first half of “You again” sincerely gave me great laughs. All four leading ladies are genuinely funny plus the hilarious supporting  turns by the Broadway’s darling, Kristen Chenoweth as the flamboyant wedding planner and the great Betty White as Marni’s grandma. Especially Betty White, who in my opinion is underused in the film, dazzles even with a few lines that she was given.  I was LOL-ing so much that I began to wonder why this movie got too many negative reviews.  Are the critics biased and simply being mean? Well- they were kinda right (in a way)!  After the comedy’s climax, the wedding shower scene, all the fun that I was having stopped. All the laughs I had on the first half had to be puked back out during the second half because the movie became so corny, predictable and clichéd. In particular the scenes where the girls make icky confessions and apologies to each other or the hospital scene where Will and Joanna get back together are indeed pass-me-the-bucket -please moments!  “You again” after all is okay (and I would even say “decent”) so I won’t totally trash it. Yes, it blatantly borrowed the great comedic elements from movies like “Bride Wars”, “Death becomes her” and “Mean girls” (no originality here, nada!) but sometimes a good mindless comedy is just what you need, no?  I REALLY thought it was fun but one last thing, I honestly don’t like the way they portray women, even if it’s for comedic purpose, as vicious, revengeful, bitter and scheming witches.  You know? Seriously!     I mean…………………They aren’t, right??? …………………………. or Are they?  ;o) 

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