Friday, March 4, 2011

Who will play WikiLeaks founder in the movie???

There’s a new buzz in town.  Hollywood is currently putting together a movie about the Australian WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange who has exposed some of the world’s top leaders and governments’ secrets and scandals (among others!) through his site and caused such global sensation last year.  The interesting thing here for me and some folks (Christine, I’m eyeballing you!) is “Who is going to play this fair-haired internet activist?” in the movie backed by DreamWorks and we are talking “Steven Spielberg” here. This is WAY too serious!
British actor Paul Bettany, Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Chris Cooper and even Charlie Sheen (what are we smoking here? Seriously?) are presently in the news to play this iconic yet notorious Aussie. According to some sources, Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon are hotly-tipped to win the part and I have no problem with that as I believe they are both such fine actors who are desperately in need of Oscars. So this could be a great chance for them to stretch some acting skills and win some awards. Matt Damon can definitely bring the intellectual edge, complexity and geekiness to this role although I personally think Dicaprio is, no offense, too pretty to be Julian unless he agrees to ugly up a bit.

Some are even suggesting Tilda Swinton (yes, the Avant-garde quirky British Actress who won Oscar a few years back) . Now, that’s some news! I think it’d be so cool if she ends up playing him. After all, it’s a movie. It’s all about acting and art. C’mon, why not?  Right? Cate Blanchett played “Bod Dylan” in her Oscar-nominated role from the movie “I’m not there”.  No one complained. But imagine the talented Denzel Washington playing Oprah Winfrey even if he puts on pounds???  That’s scandal! Talking about unfairness but let’s not even go there. ;o)

Or how about, if I may suggest, Anderson Cooper based on the hair color alone? Plus he’s handsome, smart and very much into politics! (well, I'm not quite sure but he talks about politics all the time) This could be a great career move for Mr Cooper, me thinks.  

Nevertheless, this movie will be a lot more interesting than THAT facebook movie everyone is raving about because this one’s got courtroom drama, politics, shocking secrets & scandals and even possibly hard core sex (you know, those sexual assault charges can be so glorified and turned into steamy sex scenes in the movie, no ?) Just kidding. 


Christine said...

Whilst I do love your prose and thoughts, I'm a little disgusted that there's no mention of an Aussie actor playing... wait for it... an AUSSIE! Hollywood loves us little 'down-under' cousins, so I'd like you to have a look at Aussie options for me... and then I shall comment some more (oh, I have ideas... but I want to see "How Charlie sees it"...)...xC

Christine said...

NB: You DID mention Russell Crowe, but hey, he was born in NZ and he ain't delicate enough to be JA... really, there's several options - some known in Holl-eee-wood even... do some research ;-)

Christine said...

Forgot to say... I'd be seriously disappointed with a strange Aussie accent when they could've gotten a real one... kudos if anyone can pull one off though - for an entire movie...

Charlie T.T.O said...

When some foreigner puts on an accent or when a straight actor plays gay, Hollywood goes wild. And they get handsomely rewarded. Gwyneth P in "Shakespeare in love", Tom H in "Philadelphia", Meryl S in "Sophie's choice" and the list goes on. It ain't fair but such is life. ;O)

It's true.. you've got lots of great talents Down Under. 6 of my top ten favorite actors are Aussies.

Sorry to disappoint you but I hear they are going ahead with Matt Damon apparently. :O( Poor Aussies, so much prejudice in Tinsletown. No wonder Mel's gone crazy!

Now that u've mentioned, this short list of Aussies comes to mind.

Simon Baker?
Guy Pearce?
And sadly.. "Heath Ledger". He would have been a perfect choice. Plus they kinda look alike.

hey ho...