Monday, March 7, 2011

Jennifer Lopez (On The Floor) (Single & Video Review)

Jennifer Lopez is on fire in this new video “On the floor”, her new single from the upcoming album “love?”. This is old school J-Lo that we all fell in love with and reminiscent of her classic hits “Waiting for tonight”, “Get Right” and “Love don’t cost a thing”. It is also a wise move for J-Lo to sample Kaoma’s 80’s hit “Lambada”. “Black Eyed Peas” have done 80's song sampling recently and found immense success with “Time of my life (Dirty bit)”. “Lambada” sample just gives the right amount of sexiness and a slight touch of Latin flavor. The production, featuring PitBull’s rapping, is thankfully not over the top yet still managed to have global appeal and radio-friendliness.
Jennifer Lopez is the only diva in the business who can blend Hollywood glamour with street fashion successfully. Miss Lopez here in this video looks flawless. It is also obvious that she takes her music videos seriously. She has consistently given her fans such visually pleasing videos over the years and that’s where she wins my respect.  Personally, I’ve always loved her (even when critics and fans counted her out on her last three albums that flopped). The truth is J-Lo never disappoints when delivering her high-energy dance music. I can’t wait to hit the dance floor with this song. 5 stars from me!!!!



Anonymous said...

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Charlie T.T.O said...

Thank you- :) Glad you enjoy it.