Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pia Toscano- This Time (Single Review)

Remember Pia Toscano??? One of the most shocking Idol eliminations ever in American Idol history. Like million others, I initially predicted that she would take the Idol crown but she was voted out from the competition way too early, causing a huge public outcry. Now she's back with her brand new single, "This Time". As much as I hate the idiotic lyrics ("And like a butterfly, I'mma spread my wings" Seriously, Pia???), I whole-heartedly welcome the arrival of a singer who's capable of jumping octaves and holding 15-second belts . Call me “old fashioned” but I believe that singers, first and foremost should be able to sing properly (even if they like putting on whatever weird costumes, backed by an army of sexy dancers and spectacular sets to attract attention.) Thankfully, that’s what Pia Toscano is: a young and attractive girl with a big voice who could crank out power ballads if necessary. To be honest, this Pop track is not going to set the music world on fire but it certainly gives us a sneak peek into her very first album from Interscope records that she’s been working on.  Bring us some power ballads, Pia! We need a break from the dance music that everyone’s been doing nowadays. 


Balan R S said...

Your right Charlie she has great voice. thanks for sharing

Charlie T.T.O said...

Glad you liked it, Balan. :)