Thursday, March 13, 2014

"I Luh Ya Papi" ~ Jennifer Lopez (Video Review)

J.Lo can do what Mariah Carey has been trying to achieve for decades; a glammed-out diva from the block with legitimate street-cred. And boy, does she do it well.  While Mariah stands stiff looking lost whenever she hangs with her homies convincing us that she comes from da hood, J.Lo is effortlessly fab, full of swag. 

Both divas have been plotting their return to the top of the charts as of late but none of them have managed to rise above #15 so far. Well, this could all change with the newest single from Lopez, “I Luh Ya Papi”, a hip-hop flavoured anthem featuring French Montana on the side. 

The song’s catchy chorus combined with climactic choreography, Papi will roar loud on the radio for sure. Bathing in the sea of beautiful bodies, big bulges, bubble butts and banging beats, J. Lo is going full on Kylie here pleasing her gay fan base (which to be honest, makes up almost 95% of her overall.)

“Why do men always objectify the women in every single video? Why can we for once objectify the men?”, says one of her sidekicks at the start of the video.  However with lyrics like “ I put it down for a brother like you, Give it to you right in the car, that’s you.”, this is hardly a feminist anthem. 

And by the way, is that green jumpsuit with the plunging neckline a recycled Versace she wore to the Grammys years ago??? It sure looks familiar. 

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