Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Loved Me Back To Life" ~ Celine Dion (Single Review)

Is the world ready for an auto-tuned Celine Dion? 

Undoubtedly, it’s not because she needs a helping hand in the vocal department (We are talking about the vocal powerhouse Canadian diva here, not Selena Gomez!), simply because seemingly every hit song on the Billboard charts these days features auto-tuned vocals. Just like the way every freakin’ photo people post on Facebook must get Instagrammed first, auto tuning has become a necessity, a hip and cool thing to do in music today. Therefore, it’s both predictable and fathomable that even an artist of Celine Dion’s stature would also consider that route in order to stay current and relevant.

Written by one of today’s most sought after songwriters, Sia Furla (“Titanium”, “Wild Ones”), “Loved Me Back To Life” finds Celine singing in a minor key about a generic topic, “love” but in a somewhat confusing way.

“But you stood by my side,
Night after night, night after night,
You loved me back to life, life
From the darkness the wait is over
You loved me back to life, life
From the darkness, we’re lovers again tonight
Back to life, back to life, back to life, back to life, yeah”

It makes one wonders, “Could she be singing about her husband of gazillion years? They have pretty much lived a scandal-free charmed life. So… what does she mean by “darkness”? Or could she be addressing her return to the international music scene at the urging of her adoring fans? But then again she never really went anywhere. She has had a successful run performing sold out shows in Vegas and she put out a French language album, which went to #1 in several French-speaking countries.

What’s surprising with “Loved Me Back To Life” is that there is no epic vocal moment, so unusual for Celine. Her delivery here is somewhat feeble, in other words (and if we are seeking a positive spin), “restrained”. It’s an easy-listening song with a minimal production by, let’s say, not very well known producers. The opening radio-friendly hook, “I-I-I-I, I-I-I-I” promises a dance pop ambience that sadly never gets materialised. Her signature nasal tone will certainly warm the hearts of her hard-core fans but there are also plenty of wait-what-did-she-just-sing? moments as usual. www.metrolyrics.com, right?

All in all, as the first single of her long-awaited eleventh English language album, this mid-tempo track doesn’t do much to attract new audience in the mainstream dance-pop chart. It also won’t please her core fan base in the adult contemporary chart. Simon Cowell in his very distinctive British accent would say “FORGETTABLE!”

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