Monday, December 3, 2012

Kylie Minogue - The Abbey Road Sessions (Album Review)

Wait! What? Kylie Minogue singing with an orchestra???

Yes, “The Abbey Road Sessions”, is the latest album from the biggest Australian import, Kylie Minogue, recorded, 
as the title suggests, at London’s legendary Abbey Road studios with a full orchestra. And yes, it is also yet another set of her greatest hits or let’s face it, another way of milking her die-hard fans’ pink dollars. There I said it! As if we need more after splurging our hard-earned money on countless number of her greatest hits, box sets, live and remix albums over the years. 

The great thing about this compilation album though (Yep, the Kylie fan in me now talking after the opening rant!) all sixteen songs are re-arranged and re-sung to materialize this fabulous concept of pop diva meets 22-piece orchestra. A rousing opening number “All The Lovers” certainly warms our hearts with its message of love. “Where Wild Roses Grow”, still eerily haunting and poetically beautiful as the 1995 original, brings back Nick Cave for a reunion. Her signature sex kitten purrs are in abundance on the piano-led “Come In To My World” and funky “On A Night Like This”, a fitting theme for a James Bond flick. “Confide In Me” and “I Believe In You” are pure vocal perfection, by Kylie standard of course. 80’s dance-pop, “Never Too Late” gets a remarkable revamp and it is now a heartrending ballad with Kylie’s sweet familiar nasally voice begging her lover to start over again; the second best track of the set after “Flower”, the melancholy previously unreleased track that finds Kylie yearning about motherhood.

"Distant child, my flower. Are you blowing in the breeze? Can you feel me as I breathe life into you? I know one day you'll amaze me"

The orchestral renovation on her disco numbers does not necessarily translate magic. The slow-downed versions of “Better The Devil You Know” and “I Should Be So Lucky” in particular (Yawn!), the folky “Hand On Your Heart” and the Motown-esque cheesiness, “The Locomotion” should have been left alone as disco anthems. Besides, “Slow” is no longer sexy here and the acoustic-heavy “Love At First Sight” is dreary.

Well, that being said, there’s at least some new music from Kylie to play for the boys when they come over for dinner. But “The Abbey Road Sessions” is strictly for Sunday evenings and we shall stick to wine only.  If you know what I mean.

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