Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lady GaGa- Born This Way (Album Review)

Listening to“Born this way” from Lady GaGa is kind of like visiting an ice-cream parlor and tasting a wide range of different flavored ice-creams. Vanilla fudge ripple, mint chocolate chip, toffee pecan crunch, lemon sorbet and many more. There’s something for everyone. Likewise, the biggest pop star in the world of music offers 17 new tracks with 80’s Synthpop, 70’s Glam Rock, Disco, Urban and Electro Pop flavors. The album's 
varying musical styles will make everyone happy for sure. There is also the undeniable influence of Madonna as many of the songs on this record will definitely remind you of the Queen of Pop’s signature styles such as using religious imagery, overt sexuality, "express yourself" concept and spoken messages in the songs.  Interestingly enough though, ever since this album came out, critics have majorly penned about the lack of subtlety on this record. To me, that's absurd. C’mon, seriously? Do you look at this woman and expect subtlety?

Anyway, let’s start with the highlights- “Born this way” is a solid dance record and it has got enough great songs to make you forget about the not-so-great fillers (unfortunately, there are some!) Notable tracks are the piano-driven Elton John-esque “You and I”, “The Edge of Glory” which makes you wonder if it was originally written for Irene Cara, the brilliant bilingual flamenco-tinged “Americano” (reminiscent of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”… sort of, concept-wise, me reckons!) and  the 80’s classic pop meets today’s urban electro pop “Hair”. (Great songs, no doubt!) With this record, GaGa wants us to take her seriously as a credible singer as well. Tracks like “You and I”, “Hair” and “The Edge of glory” witness GaGa singing her tush off. Besides, the first two singles from the album, “Born this way” and “Judas” are both gigantic dance anthems. These two are my personal favorites, totally buzz-worthy and I enjoy hearing them played in clubs.

Here are some sour notes. While this album should be praised for its countless infectious hooks and improved vocals but the idiotic lyrics should not be ignored either.  Try this one. She sings on a track called “Heavy Metal lover”- Whip me, slap me, drunk fuck. Me and carpers drunk drunk. Bud light liquors bar slut. Move if this is your jerk. Watch me light the St James. Yes I like it, appetizer. Heavy metal lovers play. Baby we were born this way”- What the heck, right???

The songs “Fashion of his love” and “Born this way” are terribly similar. They are like twins although not identical. “Bloody Mary”, “Bad kids”, “Highway Unicorn (Road to love)” and “Electric Chapel” are utterly uninteresting that you will definitely reach for the skip button.  Maybe with a couple more listens these songs will grow on me or perhaps she should come up with real exciting videos to give these tracks extra oomph. MAYBE.  I don’t know but for me for now they sound like fillers. Nevertheless, it’s a great follow-up to her first album, “The Fame” and Lady GaGa shows growth and maturity as an artist with this second full-length album. She certainly is here to stay. I give 3.5 stars out of 5… generously!  

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