Sunday, May 8, 2011

Season of the witch (Movie Review)

Season Of The Witch
If you put “The Exorcist (1973)” and “Robin Hood (2010)” together, sprinkle some elements from Harry Potter movies and blend them in a blender, you would get “Season of the witch”. In this reasonably entertaining movie, Nicolas Cage stars as a Teutonic knight who has witnessed the atrocities of the battles and left the crusade to return home with his fellow knight (Ron Perlman). On the way, they encounter the people infected with the Black Death and a girl (Claire Foy) who is accused of being a witch and suspected of causing the plague. The cardinal of the town commands the two knights to take the girl to a monastery so that the monks there can lift her curse from the land. A typical medieval period movie, rest assured this one features dirty-looking men in surcoats wielding swords in cold gloomy weather. However, it is overall a decent movie as it has got enough action scenes to keep the audience excited. The sword fighting, horse riding and the battles, oh… you name it. There’s even one scene in which Nick Cage wrestles with the demon. The movie gets spooky at times too although, interestingly enough, it is difficult to define the genre of this movie because this is definitely not an adventure flick like “Robin Hood” or the horror one like “The Exorcist”. The ending is weak and no standout performance from any of the actors involved but I doubt that is something we could expect from a movie like this anyway. Two stars out of five.

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